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Communications Platform

An interactive communications platform that allows recording artist, athletes, celebrity personalities, public figures and more to connect with their fan base through personalized, custom video messaging



Mr. Brian McKnight, an American singer-songwriter, actor, arranger, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist brought forward an idea where the popular public figures and their fans could all be on the common platform. The fans could easily approach their favourite artist, athlete, celebrity, etc with their wish, and the artist could fulfil those wishes through personalised custom videos for their fans. A fan gets their wish fulfilled, an artist gets their deserving payment for the service, and System administrator gets its share for bringing the two together, a Win-Win situation for everyone. iZoticus Technologies made this wishful thinking possible by working closely with the client, understanding, and analysing the requirements from business, stakeholder, and system perspective to add value wherever required, and delivered the quality product with presence on Web, Android and iOS platforms.  


Technology Stack


  • This project in entertainment industry required that all stakeholders stay informed and a step ahead of any competition existing in the market. 
  • Videos being the central point of the product, it was necessary that Videos are recorded, uploaded, stored, delivered to its relevant recipient, and played without lag via central repository. 
  • With its earning model, it was required that system keeps control, and track of all the payments for a video request and delivery for each respective Artist and system share. 
  • The client being a celebrity himself, it was required that a healthy engagement and timely participation takes place through all the product development phases.

Application Screenshots



  • The Web and Mobile solutions were designed considering different process flows for Artists, and General User. 
  • The solution was hosted on Amazon Web Service in client-server mode with use of S3 bucket to handle and store high volume of videos with rich resolutions.
  • UI/UX were developed considering the fluent user experience level required for a fan researching for various artists, and for Artist catering to requests from multiple fans.
  • Security requirements were met by integrating with an SSL provider.
  • For easy and secure online payments and tracking of individual orders, the system was integrated with Stripe payment gateway.


  • With its ever-growing popularity among Artists and Fans the system has been experiencing consistent increase in traffic of all user types.
  • Artists are earning handsomely through the platform by managing and fulfilling individual requests.
  • Fans are happily and freely approaching their favourite artists for a request and gifting wonderful moments for their loved ones through personalized video message from a popular celebrity.
  • The client is earning the share that was defined for the association with each Artist.
  • Anyone can join the platform without any worry of paying a subscription or joining fees.


  • User can browse and search all the talents registered on the platform as per various categories.
  • User can view the Artist’s detailed profile along with their rating, reviews, related categories, latest videos, and other related Artists.
  • System shows chart toppers, latest videos, and what people are saying sections.
  • User can book an Artist, for a special recipient, with a personalised message for a specific date, and record message with voice also at a cost set by Artist.
  • User can pay online for a video request to book an artist.
  • User can track the request status.
  • User can view and manage received video messages.
  • User can manage own profile anytime.
  • Artist can request to join or can also be created and invited by System Administrator.
  • Artist Dashboard displays all the information to track and manage the operations and performance.
  • Artist can set and manage the bank details for receiving payments.