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Reveal surprise or any product with puzzle pieces

Share a Gif to the friends with puzzle pieces to reveal the surprise or any product.



Plinkit will take your photo and break it up into multiple pieces, and send one piece at a time to your recipient(s). You can share privately, so you know who gets your image, or to PlinkLine, our public feed, that every user of Plinkit will see.

You can choose how many pieces the image is broken up into, the order in which the pieces are sent, and the time intervals as well! My husband definitely wants to wait 1 minute in-between each piece for my daughters picture to come, revealing her missing tooth!

Plinkit will send out a notification, so the Plinkit won’t go unnoticed and Plinkit will allow you to share a gif of your image coming together via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Application Screenshots



  • Open up the Plinkit application and click the camera icon to take a photo with your camera, or choose a photo from your phones library.
  • Send the plinkit public where everyone on Plinkit will see your image come to life in Plinkline (remember to keep it PG), or send your plinkit private which will only go to your chosen group or individual.
  • Select the number of pieces you would like your photo fragmented into (4, 6, 8, 9, etc)
  • Select the time interval you would ike your photo fragments sent (10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.)
  • Customize even more and select the order in which to send the images, or you can let Plinkit Randomize it for you.