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iZoticus Technologies was approached by an official representative of the famous NFL Quarterback, Mr. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers and Ryan Rottman to build a platform considering both Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) users which would focus on the sports Athletes and feature profiles containing real-time data and content curated by the athlete. Athletes could use the site to engage with their adoring fans but most importantly, the players to be able to tell their story in their voice. In addition to comprehensive up-to the minute stats, each athlete would have their own profile page with complete bio, relevant information about their life on & off the field, charity involvement and anything else they want to share with their fans. The portal could also break news and give users exclusive content from their favorite athletes. In addition to the close Fan-Athletes association, the platform to have a business-oriented dimension wherein Sports Agencies could manage Athletes and their profiles through paid Pro Accounts. And last but not the least, the provision for System Administrator to control all the aspects of the portal end-to-end. To fulfil this project requirements, iZoticus performed extensive market research and analysis, and the resulting product was the natural outcome of extensive efforts put in by all the stakeholders throughout the project delivery lifecycle in an Agile-Scrum environment.


  • The sports data being the heart of the application required that an extensive research be carried out to identify and analyse an appropriate sports data provider.
  • Some similar highly popular products were already in the market, and OSDB needed to be unique.
  • The sports data being paid and contained a limit for number of API calls to be made to fetch and display the data to end user.
  • With so much information it was necessary to analyse and decide the representation of diverse information in visual, text and statistics format.
  • The platform required integration with ticket booking portal to show the tickets availability information for a scheduled match.
  • Provisions for a Pro Account to subscribe, pay and manage an athlete.

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  • iZoticus supported client with necessary consultation and support in product management lifecycle and devised a clear product roadmap for OSDB. 
  • Various valuable features were identified and recommended to the client to be incorporated in the solution scope.
  • After in-depth research and feasibility analysis we had two leading sports data providers namely, ESPN and Sportradar, and the later one got the edge based on our cost-benefit analysis.
  • iZoticus carried out detailed SWOT and competitor’s analysis and ensured that the features to be incorporated would bring desired value to the product under consideration.
  • For Ticket Booking, the platform was integrated with Ticketmaster to highlight the availability of tickets for a match scheduled in future date.
  • A separate user interface was developed for Pro Account users with integration of Stripe Payment gateway for online payments, and various subscription plans by developing subscription management features.
  • The solution was hosted on Amazon Web Service in client-server mode with use of S3 bucket to handle and store high volume of graphic rich content in Video and Pictures format of various resolution types.


  • The platform has been made live with 7 popular sports namely NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Golf, Tennis, and NASCAR, with Soccer work in progress and expected to be launched soon.
  • Several users have registered on the portal and subscribed to receive regular updates.
  • Multiple Agencies have come onboard and presently managing profiles of hundreds of Players.
  • OSDB is exploring into more sports to bring them onto the platform and increase their fan base.
  • With the system base set, the OSDB has introduced NFL fantasy sports game mobile app powered by OSDB  database available on app store and widely used by the NFL fans.


  • The General Users can browse the OSDB application and explore the Sports, Teams, Standings, Schedules, Team Stats, Roster, Player Profile & Player Stats and News.
  • The User can view Trending Players, Trending News, and Videos.
  • System allows a user to participate in a poll crated by System Admin.
  • System allows user to search the system with keywords related to players, teams, and news.
  • User can view the Free Agents and Retired players.
  • User can browse the Schedule and view result of historical matches, live score of ongoing matches, and details of upcoming matches.
  • System allows user to set a team and a player as favorite and receive related notification updates. User can view the list of players and teams he/she is following and decide to unfollow.
  • System allows Pro user to raise a claim player request to Admin by selecting the player and attaching necessary documents and track the request status.
  • System allows Pro user to view all the player profile being managed and update.
  • A System Administrator can view all the news coming from the source, and update the news with Sports Category, Tags, URL, etc for SEO purpose, and decide to activate or de-active news.
  • Admin can also create a News from backend and publish.
  • System allows Admin to control various sections of the portal from backend such as Videos, Trending Players, Featured Poll, view and manage all standard and pro users.