Create your legacy the modern way

A software application to create your own trust yourself.



Our client Mr. Dan Hales, an attorney in trust and estate planning for around 30 years approached iZoticus Technologies with an idea to automate the process of creating and securely maintaining the legal Trust Documents and avoiding the manual intervention of an attorney as the user can do it themselves. Provision for bringing preferred Trustees on the platform with the responsibility to inform the System Administrator of Death or Incapacitation to the Trustor. Also allowing the System Administrator to handle the complete Business Operations. Together, we have ventured on the journey from initial assessment till solution implementation, and beyond

Technology Stack


  • Remote Collaboration – The client being from a different location within the USA required that the project be undertaken completely off-site.
  • Security – Trusts, being legal documents, an appropriate level of security for Information Management was extremely critical.
  • Information Gathering and Analysis – This required a lot of interactions and collaborations with the client as it was important that all the requirement was clearly captured from system and process perspective.
  • Business Acumen – Being our first undertaking in the legal industry, it was important that the business case and context of this project were understood and agreed upon by all stakeholders.

Application Screenshots



  • For easy and secure online payments, the system was integrated with the Stripe payment gateway.
  • Security requirements were met by integrating with DocuSign for Digital Signatures, Encrypted Document Vault, and GoDaddy for Secure Site.
  • In spite of being a complex system, the UI/UX for both WEB and MOBILE applications (iOS & Android) have been kept keeping in mind the ease of use for an end-user belonging to diverse age groups – Young, Middle-Aged, and Old Age.
  • All the Standard Trust documents were analyzed for interlinking with various scenarios resulting in over 600 dynamic workflows to create a Trust.
  • The client’s high-level process was decomposed into multiple-detailed processes for each unique module such as My Info, Trustees, Guardians, Health Care Agents, Beneficiaries, My Assets, Dashboard, Additional Provisions, Order and Payment, Digital Signatures, etc.


  • The minimal subscription fee ensures that it is a win-win situation for both an end-user and our Client.
  • There has been consistent traction of users on the system as more and more people are becoming aware of the need for trust and a tool readily available to them.
  • The client and end-users have been using the system much to their delight with the practicality and intuitive-ness of the application.


  • A User can create a Trust by entering relevant information in various modules in Setup Wizard.
  • 2-way authentication for the users.
  • The dashboard allows users to view all information such as Personal Info, Trustees, Beneficiaries including percentage share for each beneficiary, and Assets.
  • Special Bequests to allow the user to assign personal property item(s) to any specific individual.
  • Subscription Types include Regular and Bundle plans.
  • Option for Trustor to use Promo Code and get discounts.
  • The system allows the user to review the Trust document and proceed to Execute Trust using embedded DocuSign features.
  • The document is secured with Modern Trust watermark to avoid misuse.
  • Users can sign and put initials at predefined places highlighted throughout the document.
  • Option for user to view Version History belonging to different documents created in the past
  • The system allows a Trustee to create their own Trust via the Trustee Account.
  • The system allows a User to become a Trustee of multiple Trustor Accounts.
  • A System Administrator has the features to control and manage Modern Trust from backend and thus can view the Dashboard showing the performance of various Metrics and KPIs as per the desired goal.
  • Admin can View all the Trustor account details and provide support to the users.
  • As part of Content Management, the Admin can manage the contents in all the Standard Trust Documents and Special Provisions.
  • Admin also has the feature to view all the Emails sent to Modern Trust and Respond via the integrated mail solution.
  • The system sends various email notifications for hundreds of events towards Trustor, Trustee, and Administrator to keep them informed of important events.