About Us | iZoticus | App & Web Development Company in Washington DC, USA
Our Mission

Our mission is to strive and excel in every department in the application and website development and offer the best services to our clients, without compromising on the quality and ensuring that final product is free of any defects.

How it all started

In 2016, we came into the market with iZoticus, it was founded by Balraj Randhawa, who is a Virginia based software engineer. The name suggests, full of life, and that is how we can identify our founder. Huge exposure, along with a great team, the company is soaring high.


iZoticus Difference

iZoticus has delivered more than 40 plus mobile and web apps to different clients coming from diverse genres. We are always looking forward to increasing our company strength and offering 24 hours of support to our esteemed clients.


Years in the market


Worked Hours


Support to our clients


Our Vision

We aspire to be world’s most high valued Web and Mobile application development partner for small-medium-large enterprises and startups, ensuring that the applications and websites developed by us deem be to profitable and deliver ROI for our clients.

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Our Values

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Innovation with quality
  • Think win-win
  • Professionalism with sense of accountability
We follow the below core values to define who we are and what we stand for:
Healthy Relationships

We structure each project team in order to best meet the objectives. Customer centric stakeholders such as Project Manager, Relationship Manager keep constant communication channels open to govern the overall project during and after the delivery phase. This helps us build strong relationships with our clients.

Excellence at Work

We keep investing in our people and tools to continuously enhance competence, gain new knowledge and industry’s best tools to achieve the desired level of excellence, which reflects in our results.

Innovation & Creativity

With millions of applications online, user’s desires for “something new” cannot be ignored. Our experienced team of creators and designers work tirelessly to brainstorm and come-up with the best of creative and innovative designs to best fit the end user’s needs. Our final products user experience has always been jaw-dropping for clients, end users, and even competitors.

Our Development Process is Optimized for Value

Technologies we use

We develop web applications using up-to-date technology stack, which includes: PHP, Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, AngularJS, Node.js, React, Vue, Slim, Silex and other tools - we keep learning and evolving together with the industry, adding new tools to our toolbox whenever we can.